Sunday, April 28, 2013

Post op day # 5

The last day or so of recovery have been going well. I was discharged saturday around 1230 and have been getting around pretty well despite my smiley face incision :). I am able to get in and out of bed by myself now which is a huge accomplishment at this stage for me.

While I was in the hospital my blood sugars were running a bit on the high side (because of the prednisone) the doctor said it was up to me whether or not I wanted to check my blood sugars at home. Since I didn't want to be walking around with a 300 blood sugar I decided it would be best to poke my finger 4 times a day. Since I got home and am able to control my diet better my sugars have been under better control. I only needed insulin once and that was while I was in the hospital.

I've had some pretty great nurses while I have been home too. Ron came over the other night and hung out with me and we watched a movie. My dad has been cooking my food and helping me sort out all the new medications, even though he can't pronounce 75% of them lol. I've been staying on the main floor on a blow up mattress. My room is filled with flowers so it's a nice place to stay :)

Ive finally been able to see my four legged babies! ellie sleeps with me on the bed. She has been really good about not coming close to my face or belly. Yogi is too scared to come near me because of all the flowers and new stuff in this room, it's kinda funny.I also miss my little Lou baby. Ron has been face timing me so me and her can visit haha.

Yesterday was thehair cutting benefit. I'm excited, They had a huge turnout and raised so much money! thank you to all those who helped make it such a huge success, you all rock!! I sooo wish I could go up there and tell everyone thank you but it's better I am not around that large of a group.

I am feeling GREAT! It's so amazing the way I felt just 5 days ago to the way I feel today. I just feel so blessed and lucky to have gotten this new strong kidney that's kickin some major butt in there!

My donor, my uncle, is doing well too! It's kind of a nice time to be off since the weather is finally breaking so hopefully he can get out and enjoy his little vacay !

Thank you all for your continued support, recovery is much easier knowing you all have my back!

Xoxo britt

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