Tuesday, April 16, 2013


A day late but nonetheless- visited with infectious disease doctor who has been following me since my previous transplant. Here's a quick story of why I needed to see him...

There's a virus called EBV that is checked in the donor and recipient before surgery along with many others. This virus is the one responsible for mono. 10 years ago when I was 16 and had my first transplant my mom was positive for the virus in her blood and I was negative. Since I was going to be immunosuppressed they worried that the virus will have the strength to run rampant. After my first transplant they were able to detect the virus in my blood but I was always asymptomatic. The reason this virus is so bad is because it can cause a type of cancer similar to lymphoma. When I was tested for my second transplant they were still able to detect the virus but at a pretty low rate.
So like the previous transplant they are going to monitor me very closely and if they notice the EBV virus levels start to rise in my blood they will adjust the immunosuppressive drugs.
One thing the doctor said was that since my uncle is my moms brother they will probably need to keep me even MORE suppressed because my mom and uncle could have similar antibodies and my body has already built up them against it. Confusing I know. There's so much more that goes into a transplant than just going through surgery. Surgery is the easy part it's the recovery that can be rough, but I did once before I can do it again!

Had dialysis later in the day yesterday because of my doctor appt which is why I haven't posted until today. It actually went very well! I lost .3kg over the weekend (usually I gain) and my standing BP pre treatment was 90s/40s. I thought for sure I was going to bottom out and get sick. They gave me more a bolus before and throughout the whole treatment my systolic didn't get below 120, which I can tolerate. They continued to give me 100cc bolus every 30min and life was good :) I left the same weight I came in at, which is good for me.

Thursday my uncle and I go in for our history and physicals. So hopefully ill know more about the medication regimen, postoperative recovery and what I can expect this time around.

Only 3 more runs!!!
Xoxo, britt

Pictures posted are of my uncle (my donor) and I, enjoy :)

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