Friday, April 5, 2013

Fourth time's a charm...

Fourth time in the chair today and it wasn't all that bad. I had lost weight today (usually since your kidneys don't work you retain fluid and in turn gain weight) the techs and nurses told me I was a tricky patient. The nurse even told me she was thinking about me last night because in all her years of nursing she has never had a patient have such a hard time with dialysis after multiple runs. I like to think I just keep people on their toes and keep it interesting :)

Throughout the whole three hours I didn't once feel 'sick'. My blood pressure stayed stable and I ended up getting 200ml of fluid an hour. At the end of the session they ended up only taking off .3kg. Which was tolerable. Finally!

I met with the dietician today as well. My protein is a little on the low side and she told me to push meat. She told me that when the toxins in your blood build up they will mix with the nitrogen in meat ad cause a "disgusting" taste in your mouth when you eat meat so a lot of renal patients don't like meat. I, being an abnormal renal patient once again, can't wait to cut into the biggest juiciest piece of cow I can find!

Ron came to pick me up today from dialysis. It was the first time he's seen anything like that, but I wanted him to see what it's like and he wanted to as well. He was pretty pumped about his yellow PPE gown he got to wear, he even took it home. I'm so lucky to have him in my life <3

When I got home I had the same typical side effects- weakness, fatigue, headache, and tingling. I slept for about 3 hours and once I was awake I stayed awake! So pretty good day overall, nice not to feel defeated for once.

Thanks for all your thoughts & prayers, they're working!

Xoxo, britt


  1. I am so glad they have this figured out for you. You are awesome Britt. Soon you will have a kidney and feel better. Love you!!

  2. Keeping you in my prayers!! So glad it went better for you on Friday!