Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Save the Date!

If you have found this little blog, I have a feeling you love our Brittany like we do.

You may have heard her story.

If you haven’t, the following is my understanding of what is happening with Brittany.

When Brittany was 16 years old she began to experience kidney failure. This was completely unexpected as she lived the life of your typical high school teenager. Britt was placed on dialysis, while the search for the perfect match began.

Thankfully, the first search didn’t take Brittany too far from home – her mother, Brenda Ivan, was a perfect match. A date to end dialysis was finally in sight!

On the surface, the surgery went well. Brittany’s new kidney had been accepted and Brenda’s recovery was going better than expected.

However, further exams showed the anti-rejection medications (for Brittany’s body to accept the new kidney) had left the organ severely scarred.

At 16 years old Brittany was the recipient of a kidney transplant, endured dialysis and was no longer your typical teenager.

Ten years later, the day her family and friends have feared for years has come.

Brittany’s “Brenda” kidney is no longer functioning.

Through the miracle of love many people have offered their kidneys to Brittany. After a very long road and many dead ends – Brittany has finally found her match!

Brittany’s Uncle Phil Luke is a perfectly matched donor!

Phil Luke is a father of three and the youngest and only boy among a long line of Luke sisters – to say Phil has a special kind of heart is simplifying the man he is.

Today, Britt is at home with the people (and dogs) that love her. She has good dialysis days and some not-so-good dialysis days. I think it’s safe to say we’re ready to get this kidney in her!

She is in our thoughts and prayers and we decided it was time to do something a little extra for Britt!

We will continue to pray for her, but we want to help her financially.  Britt has had to take a medical leave to take care of herself.

Please save the date to bowl with Britt and say a final farewell to her “Brenda” kidney! All proceeds from this event will benefit Brittany and her procedure. 
Bowl with us Saturday, May 4, 2013!

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