Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4-24-2013 <3

Today was my last dialysis.. Hopefully ever. It was so hard to wake up and go because just the thought of feeling like I do during it MAKES me sick. I only ran for 2 hours and came home and slept most of the night.

Surgery is tomorrow. We have to be there at 515am. My uncle's surgery starts at 715 mine will be at 10. He's been on a clear liquid diet all day and I will be NPO starting at midnight.

Tomorrow I get three doses of some type of globulin which will knock my tcells or the cells that are responsible for attacking foreign things, down to nothing. I've already been taking an additional medication for immunosuppression for the past couple days so I am getting there..

I left Ron today and came to my parents. Ill be staying here after my surgery for a few weeks so I have someone to help me if I need it.

So here goes nothing, please keep sending the prayers ill need them tomorrow :)

Xoxo britt

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