Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Super kidney!

So here's how the surgery went..

We woke up at 400a to get to the hospital on time. My uncle went back to preop around 530 and I went back at about 545 to get my IV and labs drawn than sent back to the waiting room to do more waiting.

I started feeling sick and nauseous so I laid on my moms lap for most of the time. I wasn't scared or nervous. I've been praying a lot and I believe God took care of all those feelings!

I was called back to preop at around 730. My mom came back with me to wait. We seen all the crew- anesthesiology, RNs, doctors and pharmacists. Everyone was so nice and caring I felt like I was in good hands. Ron had worked the night before so he didn't get up the hospital until about 5 minutes before they took me back to OR. I was so happy I got to see him before I went back, poor guy was more nervous than anyone I think!

They gave me a little cocktail as I was wheeled back. All I remember is getting on the small OR table and them putting and O2 mask on me, next thing I knew I was awake in postop in a lot of pain. I finally got a couple doses of morphine and along with pushing my PCA button we were able to get it under control and I was able to rest.

I couldn't believe how good I felt other than the pain. It was amazing. They drew my labs and my creatinine one hour after surgery and it was half what it was yesterday. I was so incredibly happy to see near normal numbers!! I guess the docs told my uncle that it was a record of how much urine this kidney put out immediately following sugery! They are replacing me with 1:1 fluid to carefully watch my i&o but at one point I put out 950ml in one hour. They switched my IV while I was under too, thank god because its a 14 gauge!!! I think that's a garden hose.

I am more painful this time or at least it feels that way. I think it's because my uncles kidney is so huge that is more painful bc something was put in. I think I know how painful breast implants would be.

I got up to my room about 5 hours after postop. My RN couldn't believe how wel I was doing and how alert I was. The nurses I've had have been awesome and very helpful. I'm not in a private room- bummer but that's okay! My mom and dad were waiting for me when I got up here everyone else went home once they knew how well we both were doing!

My uncle is doing great! He has already had his foley out and has been walking the halls. He will probably go home tomorrow. I can't thank him enough for this gift he has given me. Thank you doesn't even come close. I hope he knows how much of a difference he has made in my life and becuse of him I can start living it again.

Tomorrow I have to get up and start working. I can already tell its going to be painful but I am starting to move around more and more and the PCA is helping.

Thank you EVERYONE for the prayers I know they helped!

Tomorrow channel 7 news crew will be interviewing my uncle and I. I have always wanted to be on the news and share my story so others can be aware - it's so exciting!!

Ill post again tomorrow!
Til then,
Xoxo britt :)

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