Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Almost there!!

Dialysis was this morning at 6am bright and early! When I weighed in I didn't lose or gain anything, same weight- woohoo!
They hooked me up and everything was going good but the machine's "low flow" alarm kept going off which will usually go off if the line is occluded. The tech had me cough and laid me flat and that alarm only went off one more time during my treatment. He said that sometimes these CVCs can be positional.

My whole time went really well. I rented a movie from the iTunes gift cards josh had gotten me and the time went by really fast. So thanks josh! I only got a little dizzy at the very end so I got another bolus and life was good again! My BP stayed stable the entire time- I'm hoping they finally got me figured out!

My dad came and picked me up- which he usually does everytime. He comes over to my house at 520a and drives me out to Westland and then picks me up at 9a and drops me back off at home. Since my mom started her new job he's also been going with me to all my doctor appts and his question asking skills have gotten better :) couldn't ask for a better dad who is ALWAYS there :) thx dad love ya! A funny story that we always tell.. During my first transplant I was admitted the night before and they use to have a Wendy's at uofm. So for dinner my dad and I got Wendy's. He had ordered a chicken sandwich for him and some nuggets got me. When he got back to the hospital room and got his food out he noticed that his chicken sandwich was just a bun lettuce and tomato, they forgot the chicken!! Hahaha anyone who knows rich knows how he looks forward to his meals.
I think he ended up eating it anyways.

I found out today that I got approved for short term disability thru work which allows me to keep my insurance. I am just waiting for my work to receive my FMLA paperwork.. Ugh. Dialysis, surgery, paperwork, insurance... It never ends!

Tomorrow is a big day! I'm ready to find out everything so come back tomorrow I will be posting everything I find out!

Until then,
Xoxo britt

Lots of pictures posted- enjoy :)

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