Friday, April 26, 2013

A fresh start

Well yesterday was a bit of a crazy day. I started taking all my medicine. They started me off on 100mg of prednisone. Yes you read that right, 100mg. I seen a lot of doctors who are still really happy with my progress. This new kidney is putting out a ton of urine, making me feel like a brand new woman :)

Yesterday we did our channel 7 news interview that will air on Monday. She interviewed me, my uncle, and my mom. I am not really sure of the questions she asked me but I do know I cried most of the time. She asked a lot of question pertaining to how it is to deal with something like this being so young and how I dealt with it. Not to mention that 100mg of prednisone working its magic. So everyone be sure to tune in to channel 7 news this weekend they will be doing promos all weekend long and airing it sometime on Monday.
Yesterday I came off all the fluids which is nice not to be hooked up to anything. This morning my catheter comes out and dressing comes off. So I can already imagine today I'm going to be a lot more sore from getting up out of bed so much.

All of my nurses here have been AMAZING, not to mention all the doctors and the other staff.

Don't forget today is the BDubbs fundraiser! Take your flyer and head out and buy lots of booze and wings for me!!! Love you all!!!


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