Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pre-op visit

My uncle and I had our preop visit today and it was a long day filled with a lot of waiting!!

First I met with research who offered me a couple opportunities to participate in clinical trials. I probably won't do any of them. But it was interesting to hear the different types of things they are working on for kidney transplants.

Next my uncle and I went and had our blood drawn for type and screens and tissue matching.

After that I met with a couple nurses to go over postoperative care and kinda what to expect afterwards. I requested a private room but they can't guarantee it, so hopefully I do get one. We call to find out Tuesday what time our surgery is on Wednesday.

I then met with the PA who I had a lot of questions for. My main concern above everything is taking the drug prograf again. It is was scarred my kidney in the first transplant and ultimately caused it to fail because one of the side effects is kidney toxicity but it is the drug that keeps my body from attacking the new kidney. They said I'd he on that because its the best drug for second transplants and since I've been on it for 10 years my body is used to it. I also have to be dialyzed both Monday AND Tuesday next week. They are worried about my potassium being too high because if it is they will cancel surgery. I've never been high I've been low so that's not something I am worried about. I just pray pray PRAY that the doctors will watch my drug levels closely and we won't have the same problems as before.

At the end I met with the financial coordinators who went over everything including copays for drugs and what I can be expected to pay.. Yikes.

So all in all it was a good day.. Please Keep the prayers and good thoughts coming, it's getting closer and closer.

Xoxo, britt

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