Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Life is good

Feeling pretty damn good today. My incision is the most sore it has been but I was up walking around a lot yesterday from all the doctor appointments I had to go to.

Yesterday was my first post op visit and I met with a pharmacist, the surgeon, my nephrologist, and the RN. No news is good news and it's always good to be a boring patient. Everything is going really well so I really didn't have much to say or questions to ask. Everyone that came in kept saying "we seen you on the news!" Which is really cool. I have ALWAYS wanted to have my story on the news because I want to get the importance of organ donation out there and I think our story is very real and uplifting for those considering it.
My creatinine yesterday was 0.9 WOOHOOOO! That is NORMAL! All my other labs were NORMAL too!! I haven't been normal in years haha. I just want to get out of this house and put this kidney to use! I wanna shop and go see friends, do things with my boyfriend- I just can't wait!
They made so much money at the salon benefit and BDubbs! The support and generosity people are showing is amazing and leaves me speechless. My family and I really appreciate your continued support as I recover.
My uncle is still doing really well. He deserves the Nobel peace prize for the new lease on life he's given me. Love you uncle Phil :)
My mom was feeling left out of the blog lol so I feel like I need to say how great my mom is. She hasn't been around a whole lot because of the new job she started she can't take a lot of time off work now but she's been incredibly strong for me and I know at times she's prolly wanted to break down but hasn't- she also makes a pretty delicious salad :)

So that's it! Still recovering, miss my boyfriend and my French mastiff Layla and just gettin ancey to get out of the house

Until next time,
Xoxo britt

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