Monday, April 8, 2013

If he brings you to it, he'll bring you thru it

Fifth run of dialysis & I'm not so sure how much more I can handle...

I woke up this morning for my 6am treatment and felt like this time was going to be a breeze. Friday was my best run yet and I thought that we've finally figured out how to NOT make me feel like hell during it- I was wrong.

The first hour in a half was good. I thought I was in the clear until I started feeling short of breath. I told the techs who gave me additional fluid which helped, but only for a few minutes. I kept feeling like it was difficult to breathe so I asked for oxygen. They put oxygen on me which helped but then I started feeling like my heart was beating out of my chest and I was restless and very very anxious- something no amount of fluids could fix I basically just had to deal with it. I was very jittery thru the whole treatment and was SO glad when my 3 hours was up! As soon as I got unhooked from the machine I began to calm down and was able to take the oxygen off. I ended up leaving dialysis the same weight I came in at thanks to all the fluid they gave me.

When I got home I still had all the same symptoms I've been having- leg cramps, tingling, headache, fatigue. Today tho my entire body felt very VERY weak. It takes effort to get out of a chair. I feel like I'm on the verge of needing that hover round.

I really don't know how people handle hemodialysis for any longer than I have to. My heart breaks for these people and it just makes me realize how incredibly lucky and blessed I am to have found a match for transplant so quickly.

Until next time,
Xoxo britt

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