Friday, April 12, 2013

Lucky number 7 run this am in the chair. I had lost 1kg over the last day which is 2.2 lbs. The dialysis tech gave me a bolus before he even hooked me up to the machine and I was feeling good until I WAS hooked up to the machine. Onceeee again I started getting restless and lightheaded and quickly the room around me got quiet. My BP dropped to 90/50 from 130/80 and I sure was feeling it. He bolused me with additional fluid and within seconds I felt better. It's amazing how instantaneously I can go from feeling like absolute hell to normal. I got comfortable, put my earphones in and turned on Married With Children (morning television is pretty scarce) and tried to sleep.

About halfway thru I started getting anxious and short of breath again so they put me on a few liters of O2 and bolused me YET again and I felt better.

The tech was telling me today how all the patients ask about me and always say "Wow she's so young to have to go thru all this, I feel sorry for her" I don't want people to feel sorry for me. It may look on the outside when I'm attached to all these tubes that, yeah, it must suck to be so young and have to endure this but in all reality what you don't see is how incredibly blessed and lucky I am to have such a great life. I have an amazing family who is beyond supportive and loving. I have the best boyfriend who has been my bestfriend and cheerleader (haha :) ) thru it all, a great rewarding job with understanding and supportive coworkers, and of course all my lil 4 legged babies!
When you lose something like your health it opens your eyes to appreciate all the things you DO have!

After dialysis I gained .7kg. i was very weak leaving. But Ron came and picked me up today and he had breakfast waiting in the car :)
When I got home I felt very weak and extremely tired. I had a little bit of tingling in my legs but no muscle cramps or headache.

On Monday I have an appointment with infectious disease to go over blood work and talk about possible complications regarding the transplant at the U.

Xoxo britt

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