Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Had my 6/11 dialysis treatment today and it went pretty well. Weighed in .7kg lighter than when I left Monday so as usual today was all about replacing fluids.

I felt really good until about 2.5 hours into it all. I can always tell my BP is dropping because I start to get restless and short of breath. Sure enough my blood pressure was 100/50 which is very low for me so they gave me an additional bolus of fluids and I felt normal again for the last half hour of treatment. Next time the RN said they will give me a bolus of fluids before I start which sounds like it should help.

They also took my stitches out of my port site today. I don't ever remember having stitches removed before but they hurt ! I'm starting to think I have super low pain tolerance.

When I got out of the chair I wasn't as weak or tired- I only lost .3kg. I also didn't get cold during my treatments. When i got home i didn't have any tingling or muscle cramps, just a headache. Maybe my body is adjusting to all this? Not sure, but I am definitely glad I tolerated it today!

Everyone is being so kind and generous with all the fundraiser and benefits it's so amazing to feel all the love and support. I am very thankful for all of you!!!!

Xoxo, britt

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