Thursday, May 23, 2013

Teeny tiny bump in the road

So I wanted to give everyone an update as to what happened yesterday. A true reminder that a kidney transplant is NOT a cure only a treatment to kidney disease.

I had my blood drawn on Tuesday. I seen uofm's number pop up on my phone and thought "oh shit". They never call for good news, only bad. The first thing she said was "well....your creatinine took a jump.." And my heart dropped. When everyone asked me before this all happened "are you scared or nervous about the surgery?" I never was. Surgery is no big deal to me. You're out, you get a good nap and wake up and it's all over! The real worry I had was the recovery and this was exactly why. Creatinine can jump for many reasons, the major one being rejection of the organ which is more likely in the beginning. So of course in the back of my mind I was planning on spending my weekend at uofm getting a biopsy and tons of IV meds. I always think of the worst and hope for the best. With my creatinine jumping from 1.0 to 1.2 isn't a high jump and technically 1.2 is still considered normal for a man kidney they still worry it could be rejection in the early phase. 

So the next step was to make sure I was very well hydrated for Thursdays blood draw. Your creatinine can increase because of dehydration. So I drank 4.5L of straight water. I was worried. Everyone kept telling me it would be alright but what else would they say? So I turned to Facebook. The power of prayer is amazing and I knew I could count on my support system. I really don't feel like I'm going through this alone. I feel like so many people are here along with me,  and it helps. 
I got my blood redrawn Thursday and had to wait awhile before the results were in. If it stayed the same or went higher I was gonna spend Memorial Day with my favorite 5C ladies. Last transplant I spent EVERY holiday after jan 20 in the hosp getting biopsies so of course that was in the back of my mind as well. 
The nurse called me at about 3 and first said "well I have some good news" and the weight was lifted! She said my creatinine dropped back down to 1.0... Life was good...again. She said all my other labs looked great and to recheck on Tuesday. I quickly called my mom and sent the news to Facebook! We were all SO happy! It's such a relief. 

So then my mom and I did what we do and hit the streets for a little retail therapy ;) after all that stress why not?! 

Thank you for all the prayers support and kind words. They get me thru times like these. I really appreciate you all more than you know 💗

Xoxo, britt 

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