Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Officially one month!

Today is 1 month post op and things are still going very well. They have still been having a bit of trouble controlling my prograf level. Last Thursday it was 13.0 (they want it between 8-12) so they titrated my dose. Creatinine was 1.0 which is still as normal as normal gets! All my other labs have been normal, my phosphorus has been stabilizing which they are happy with as well as my potassium. Things are looking good! 

Yesterday I had my stent removed. They place a stent in a ureter to keep it from collapsing. It's kind of like a long plastic tube. They put a camera up the urethra and use a grasper tool and pull the stent out. It's pretty painless just very uncomfortable. It only takes MAYBE a minute in a half but we waited to be seen for 2 hours. We were in the same clinic and waiting room that we started at way back in November when I was first seen for the pre-kidney transplant evaluation. It was kinda nice to end where I started. 

I moved out of my parents last week, well more like pushed out, lol. It's nice to be back home with my pups. Been trying to get the house in order, planted flowers and been up moving around a lot, pain is pretty much not there unless I cough or sneeze. I still can't lift much. But things are getting more and more back to normal!

Xoxo, britt

The picture here is of me reading a special present I received from a group of 2nd graders :) 

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  1. apologies for the random comment, but I just came across your youtube news story, and was truly touched considering I also just received my second kidney a month ago. really, what are the chances? It is so great to see that you are doing well, and reading your blog posts is so weird considering I am going though a lot of the same things. I would love to be able to talk to you, my email is if you would want to email me. I hope you're new kidney is treating you well!