Friday, May 3, 2013

Post op day #9

It's been over a week since I got my new kidney and I've never felt better! Yesterday I went to the U for blood work and to get my hemo catheter removed. I was kinda nervous about that because I am a huge wimp when it comes to pain. They told me that the longer it is in the more painful it will be because your tissue will start to grow around the tunneled part. The doctor numbed me up with some lidocaine which hurt like hell, then he gave it a lil tug and BAM! It was out! It was so long, because the end of the cath sat right in my right atria. It was crazy to see out of me since we have become such close friends over the last month lol. All that is left is a tiny scabbed circle that I have to keep a bandaid on for about 1-2 weeks or until I see its healed.

I took my first REAL shower today! No help from anyone! I felt normal for once it was a great feeling! No tubes or lines coming from me anymore!! My incision is healing nicely and starting to scab, I still look 5 months preggers from all the swelling that's still going on. I thought about taking a mirror pregnant belly pic then decided against it lol Ron might freak out.

My labs came back GREAT again! Creat still 0.9 and my prograf level is finally where they want it. I go back on Tuesday for another appt and more labs, twice a week for a while.

Yesterday I flew the coop! I went to visit my gramma, aunts, Adi and the girls. It was nice to get out and see some family <3 my mom then took me to michaels and bed bath and beyond for a belly pillow. I love to shop no matter what the purchase is lol

Tomorrow is the big bowling fundraiser! I hope to hear/see everyone that goes. I just want people to have a good time in honor of organ donation and my uncle and I. I want all my aunts and uncle who have worked so hard on this to relax and drink up and just party to where they don't remember the next day haha :) I mean my aunt marti didn't earn the nickname aunt margarita for nothin!!

I'm easin up on the pain meds, the pain is pretty tolerable! I'm just so lucky, blessed, and happy to be feeling as alive as I do.

Xoxo, britt

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