Monday, May 6, 2013

Post op day #12

Things are still going extremely well. Still peeing and drinking a lot and still looking 5 months pregnant from all the swelling and extra organs in my belly :) I can't wait until someone asks me when I am due haha

The bowling fundraiser was this past weekend. Ron took me up there while everyone was setting up. Everything looked so nice and everyone worked so hard! It was an awesome turnout and I am so glad that everyone who went had a great time! Some people went home with some really cool prizes! I need to give everyone who worked hard on it a huge THANK YOU! But especially my aunt Marti, aunt Beth, aunt sharon, and aunt Suzy! As well as my grandparents and all their friends! You guys rock!!!! Love you!!!

Been gettin antsy to get out of the house. Today I went and my aunt Marti gave my feet some much needed love. Blue sparkles! I feel like I'm coming closer and closer to normal or whatever normal is. Next thing that is up is getting these roots done and ill be all dolled up again!

I go and see the doctor, surgeon, nurse and social worker again tomorrow. Nothing has changed in the past week but ill get my labs drawn again so prayers all my numbers are still good!

Love ya all!!
Xoxo britt

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  1. Hi Britt... I just saw your story on Channel 7s website and wanted to just send you our best wishes. I do hope that you are feeling better and are able to get out and about soon.
    Im going through some pretty severe recovery as well ~ Mine is my neck though. I just went through some major surgery to remove 2 vertebrae then fusions, plates, cages, screws you name it it was done. My entire neck had to be rebuilt... so although its not exactly what you have gone through with your kidney I DO know how you are feeling with the antsiness and WANTING to get out and about and being unable to.
    Congratulations and Get Well Soon. So glad to hear that you got another chance.