Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5 weeks

I had another post op visit with my nephrologist yesterday. Everything is going well, my creatinine yesterday was 1.1 which he is pleased with. He said that once my medication doses stabilizing my creatinine will stabilize as well. He said that when my creat was 0.9 it wasn't truly saturated with drugs yet and now that it is it fluctuates because the drug is metabolized by the kidney meaning the kidney has to work to excrete it. So all in all no new news which is good. He moved me to be seen every 2 weeks instead of once a week, YEAH! Still will be getting labs drawn twice a week but don't need to wait at the hospital for appointments. 

The swelling in my belly has gone down a bit but not all the way yet. The incision looks good all the scab is off so now it just looks like, well a scar. 

The biggest and most exciting news on this blog this post is that Ron and I got engaged!!!!! We are super excited and looking at wedding stuff has been so much fun it's like a new found hobby! It's kinda funny how life can go from so scary  and gloomy to so happy and exciting within a couple months! We are going to see some venues this weekend but we don't plan on getting married for awhile 😄 

Ill be getting my blood drawn again tomorrow so I'm hydrating this kidney up!! 

Until next time, xoxo britt 

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  1. Congratulations Brittany on both your successful transplant and engagement. How wonderful for all of you.
    I am a 31 1/2 year kidney transplant recipient. It seems that I too am due for a second transplant -perhaps as soon as this summer.