Monday, June 17, 2013

Life as I knew it

What a lazy girl. ^^ 

Not sure if anyone reads this anymore but I'm still going to post! 

Life has been good, really good. Been back to work now for a week. It has been great to see my work family and get back into the swing of every day life. The first day back was a bit rough.. But I've finally got the groove back and feel like I haven't missed a beat.. Although I do forget stupid stuff here and there! 

Everything is going good with my medications- except still having side effects with myfortic. I'm not sure that will ever straighten itself out. Doc says ill still be getting blood draws twice a week until July. Labs have been good.. Creat runs from .9 to 1.1 depending on hydration and prograf level. It seems when the prograf creeps up so does my creat a bit. 

Incision is okay. It gets sore after work, prolly just getting used to all the moving around- not lifting anything over 20lbs at work! 

Other than that things are good. Ill post some more once I get my hands on a computer.

Xoxo, britt 

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  1. Yes, I am still following you. Glad to see you are still doing well. I just finished meeting with transplant team in NYC. Just trying to stay possitive. Can't stress too much about this...not good for my health. LOL! Nancy